The Y-Dynamesh by Dahlhausen has been developed to facilitate the surgical treatment of cervical or vaginal vault prolapse. Sacral fixation of the apex using this product can be performed laparoscopically or open. It enables you cover both anterior and posterior defect individually according to their respective extent. The design has been customized in order to fit the anatomical conditions. Handling of the implant is superb thanks to its memory effect and defined form stability.

Through visible technology, the implant becomes distinguishable in MR-Imaging. This comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Verification of the correct implant placement without the need for additional surgery.
  • Facilitation of implant monitoring in the outpatient setting and for academic studies.
  • Fast and effective development of new products.
  • Easy to use tool for the establishment of new surgical guidelines, clinical studies and registries.

All DynaMesh products are made from high-tech polymer PVDF. This filament has many inherent advantages in comparison to conventional polypropylene.

Extremely well tolerated

Filaments made from PVDF exhibit an excellent biocompatibility and they reduce unwanted foreign substance reactions such as scar contractions or pelvic pain. Furthermore, they are thinner and smoother than traditional filaments. Therefore, the activation of granulomatous scarring is significantly lower in PVDF-Filaments compared to conventional polymers.

Reduced bacterial adherence

Scientific studies from the university of RWTH Aachen have proven that the amount of bacterial colonization is less in textile implants made from PVDF. This highly relevant, especially in open procedures since the reduction of bacterial adherence leads to less implant-associated infections.

High durability

It is not only our personal experience that shows the long term benefit of PVDF. A seven-year long-term study could prove that texture, filament quality and composition remain unchanged and there are no signs of degradation over time.

Contact: FEG Textiltechnik

Kolporrhaphia anterior with LASH and Sacrocervicopexy using Y-Dynamesh and PexieFix

We proudly present the “Hagen Concept” of treating uterine and bladder prolapse. We are treating our patients according to the principle of “the younger the patient, the less likely she is to receive a vaginal mesh”. Approximately 55-80% of uterine prolapse cases are associated with cystocele. If, after reposition of the cervix, there is sufficient stabilization in the anterior compartment, we perform the surgery as mentioned in the title. There will be no mesh in the anterior compartment. We are using the asymmetrical Y-Dynamesh to fixate Level I. You can our technique by clicking on the video to your right. To start the video, type in the password: “Urogyn”.