SensiTVT is a unique type of sling, which is capable to adjust to individual patient anatomic features. The suburethral part of the tape is lying flat under the urethra, according to your preparation.

This is guaranteed by the flexible part of the tape on both sides of the urethra.

Sometimes, while passing through the retropubic space, classic suburethral tapes tend to twist or curl. In both cases, the risk of paraurethral tape alteration is increased, which can lead to focal contact between tape and urethra. As a consequence, painful urination, vaginal pain, bladder voiding dysfunction and de novo urge may occur.

By having a buffer zone on each side, the part of the tape underneath the urethra will keep its shape regardless of alterations of the tape in the retropubic space.


When inserting vaginal tapes, the slightest adjustment can change the outcome from incontinence to continence or even to obstruction. The lower the mobility of the urethra, the more precise the tape has to be positioned. SensiTVT-A is equipped with threads that protrude from the patient’s skin after implantation and allow for an adjustment under active patient participation for up to five days after surgery. In case of urinary retention, one thread can be pulled downwards in order to reduce tension. If the patient is not yet continent after surgery, the other threads protruding from the skin just above the pubic bone can be tightened. When adjustment is completed, all the threads can be removed without the need for analgesia or anesthesia. This possibility of adjustment after surgery has proven to be very beneficial in situations with increased complexity such as recurrence, reduced urethral mobility and in patients with a mesh in the anterior compartment already in place.

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Implantation of SensiTVT-A, a new type of adjustable, retropubic sling with buffer zone

In patients with reduced urethral mobility and / or with a significant urge component, we recommend the use of the new sling with buffer zones – the SensiTVT-A by A.M.I., which can be adjusted even after surgery. With its unique bilateral buffer zone it reduces the risk of paraurethral alteration. Even the slightest contact between tape and urethra can be responsible for complications such as de novo urge, bladder voiding problems, painful urination and treatment failure. You can see the process of inserting this type of sling by clicking on the video to your right. To start the video, just type in the password: “Urogyn”.