The PexieFix guiding device allows you to quickly and easily place the mesh (which has been fixed to the cervix or vaginal vault) in the retroperitoneal space without the need of having to open the peritoneum from apex to os sacrum and then suture it. This minimally invasive technique of retroperitoneal placement of the mesh using PexieFix reduces surgery time, the amount of suture material used and does not require any special kind of trocar.

PexieFix can reduce surgery time up to 30 minutes (depending on surgeon experience). It is a safe, tissue sparing and controlled method of tunnelling under the peritoneum. There is no need of vessel coagulation since the tip of the instrument is blunt.

Colon sigmoideum, Urether and iliac vessels are protected as the tunnelling is done under constant visual control. PexieFix supports all the advantages of laparoscopic surgery such as minimal blood loss, reduces postoperative morbidity, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery.

PexieFix – in the hands of an experienced surgeon it is an excellent upgrade for laparoscopic prolapse surgery.

Apical prolapse (De Lancey Level I – vaginal vault or cervix) repair can be done using different surgigal strategies:

  • vaginal fixation to the sacrospinal ligament (Amreich-Richter)
  • abdominal or
  • laparoscopic fixation to the os sacrum using a mesh

The abdominal or laparoscopic approach ensures the secure long-term fixation of the middle compartment while also stabilizing anterior and posterior compartment and maintaining the physiologic vaginal axis.

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LASH and Cervicosakropexie (CSP) with PexieFix and Ultrapro-Mesh

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